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Ballet Has Decided – Making The Pointe In West Africa

Ballet Has Decided uses the grace, discipline and perfection of ballet to inspire, empower and educate underprivileged and disadvantaged young girls in Africa. We are helping to spread the word that by providing girls with an education we can all help to drive development, improve lives and transform societies in Africa.

Ballet Has Decided supports an important series of educational initiatives in Africa that seek to engage and inspire disadvantaged young girls. By using, ballet, dance and the performing arts we help them to build the friendships and learn the life skills that will create better opportunities for better futures.

When girls are educated, they gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty. An educated girl will marry later, have fewer and healthier children, and will earn more money that she can re-invest in her family and community.

Ballet Has Decided is a movement incorporating a wide range of programes using ballet, dance and the performing arts as a tool for social and human development worldwide in the areas of children’s rights and education, anti-discrimination and social integration.

Our main aims and objectives are –

  • Collecting and distributing secondhand ballet clothing and equipment to suitable organizations in Africa
  • Recruiting volunteer teachers and dancers to raise the standards and quality of ballet training at our participating schools
  • Facilitating and promoting tours, performances and other projects to raise the profile of ballet in Africa
  • Creating job and employment opportunities in the fields of ballet, dance and performing arts in Africa
  • Developing campaigns to highlight and address the issues of elitism and ethnic diversity in ballet across the World
  • Managing campaigns to promote and improve access to education and training for girls and young women in Africa
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