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Ballet Slipper & Shoe Recycling – The Footloose Mission

How can you turn your passion into impact? Becca Duberman explains  in Relate Magazine how her passion for dance led her to start collecting ballet shoes and become the founder of dance charity, The Footloose Mission

Becca-Duberman-FootlooseFor the past 15 years, I have taken dance classes at Michele’s Dance Studio in Livingston, NJ.

Over the course of my dance career, I have come to realize that having appropriate dance shoes is a key to excelling in dance.

I began thinking about aspiring dancers that may not be able to afford appropriate shoes. After all, the cost of dance shoes is quite expensive. Dance shoes can cost anywhere from $40-$100 a pair and from the ages of 6-10, children’s feet grow every two to three months and teenagers at least once a year.

As a result it is very expensive to afford the proper shoes.

I founded FOOTLOOSE, a non-profit charitable organization, with the mission of collecting new and gently used dance shoes to donate to less fortunate dancers.

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