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Sponsorship, Donations, Volunteers & Funding For Ballet Development Projects

Ballet Sponsorship, Donations, Volunteers & Funding

Attracting sponsorship, donations, volunteers or funding for a ballet development project in Africa is challenging and time consuming.

We are a loose collective of ballet enthusiasts based in The Gambia in West Africa. We started out as a social group that used to meet to discuss ballet and to swap and watch DVDs and we have gained momentum to the extent that we now run ballet awareness workshops at a number of women’s groups, local schools and community centres.

We are attracting young and enthusiastic ballet students from all levels of society and survive on donations and local fundraising events.

We now plan to raise funding to develop things further.

With dedication, a great team effort, planning and strategy, our fund raisers are raising money to support our ballet, dance and community development projects across Gambia.

Play a part in our Gambian ballet and dance development projects: We are happy to receive volunteers, sponsorship, funding or donations of anything involving ballet, dance and the performing arts

In Gambia, every little helps, be it old ballet shoes, ballet pumps, costumes, ballet training equipment, manuals, annuals, books, CD’s, DVD’s and absolutely anything else in any way related with ballet and dance.

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Ballet Donations, Funding & Sponsorship

Our ballet introduction and education program in The Gambia is entirely funded by donations, project grants and philanthropic support. We would be thrilled if you could offer us any support or even just guidance on the best way forward?

The Future

The Gambia Ballet Factory will add value to the societal and cultural development of the Gambian arts community, and will deliver ballet workshops and courses in a dynamic way.

By unifying and advancing the performing arts, offering free community service to other foundations and schools, the center will use ballet to present life-changing messages that will re-orientate families, children, and youth, re-channel and help develop personal skills they can use positively in life.

The Gambia Ballet Factory further aspires to be a hub of creativity where our community not only finds a place to escape, be inspired and be educated but also to be engaged in ballet and contemporary dance. Our hope is to use ballet to challenge mindsets.

Make a donation now and help us get the next generation moving!

Our ballet introduction and education program in The Gambia is entirely funded by donations, project grants and philanthropic support.