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Donations Of Ballet Books, Films & Music

We give underpriveliged children in Gambia the opportunity to discover  ballet through dance, music, acting and story telling in our workshops and after school activities.

dancing-in-the-wingsWe are committed to educating and inspiring future generations of ballet dancers and audiences in West Africa and we need your help to achieve this.

Our most popular workshop is based around the books Ballerina Dreams by Michaela DePrince and Dancing In The Wings By Debbie Allen.

By watching ballet DVDs, story telling, group discussions, listening to music and teaching the basic ballet steps, we hope to use the grace, perfection and beauty of ballet to give disadvantaged kids in Gambia some inspiration, strength, self-reliance, confidence and power .

At the moment we are relying on donations of ballet manuals, ballet annuals, ballet books, ballet CDs, ballet DVDs from friends and relatives or well wishers and holiday makers who we have met along the way.

Ballet story telling time

Our plan is to increase the number of ballet workshops that we hold and  provide a focal point for those wishing to sponsor, support or fund  ballet, dance and performing arts NGO’s, aid projects & charities in Gambia

Ballet & Dance Charities & NGO’s can add their site to our listings and links for individuals and companies supporting and sponsoring African ballet, dance and performing arts charities, non profit organizations & development or aid projects

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Make a donation now and help us get the next generation moving!


Our ballet introduction and education program in The Gambia is entirely funded by donations, project grants and philanthropic support.

We would be thrilled if you could offer us any support or even just guidance on the best way forward?

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