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GPO – Gambia Projects Overseas

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Gambia Projects Overseas who ship all of our donations from the UK to The Gambia. Quite simply we would no be where we are today without the help of David Bennie and the rest of the team.

Their aim is to advance the education of underprivileged and disadvantaged children in Gambia by building and maintaining educational facilities, providing educational resources and supporting the training of teachers.

Gambia Projects Overseas support a number of nursery and primary schools in The Gambia with donations of  educational materials and equipment and offer scholarships that allow trainee teachers in The Gambia to study and achieve internationally recognised teaching qualifications.

They organise regular shipments from England to Gambia and are committed to assisting and enabling Gambians to increase their knowledge & skills in order to move forward in their own chosen pathways.

They need help with projects, fundraising, donations of money or resources, sponsorship for teachers salaries & building projects and can be contacted at GPO – Gambia Projects Overseas