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Our Partners

Foundations and Organizations

This year we have collaborated with several foundations namely :

  • Makadif – Micro finance initiative providing seed capital and start up assistance for small business projects in Gunjur & South Gambia.
  •  The G Tech Football Academy – Grassroots and youth football development project based in the Senegambia Area.
  • Kololi  Child Development Centre– Creative dance and performing arts project for children with special needs.

We are also getting set to collaborate with,

  • Sisters Community Project – Women’s support project that addresses social issues such as female genital mutilation, women’s health and illiteracy

Schools & Colleges

We also wish to appreciate all our partnering schools. Those we have partnered with in the past and those presently partnering with us. Your belief and partnership has helped in the sponsoring of ballet, contemporary African dance and performing arts education for less privileged children.

Some of the schools and colleges include:

  • International School
  • High School
  • Secondary School
  • University


Through direct support and programming, we have contributed greatly to the success of groups such as

In turn these highly talented and creative individuals have helped build our school up to the level it is today.

We are privileged to work with such outstanding individuals and are proud of their achievements in the performing arts.