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Travelling Tutus – Donating Ballet Costumes & Slippers

Travelling Tutus believe unneeded costumes and dance attire are a precious resource that can be recycled to bring joy to children all around the world. 

travelling-tutus-ballet-charityBy collecting, packaging, and shipping those no longer needed items we are allowing children all over the world to experience one of life’s greatest joys, DANCE!

As a dancer, dance parent, instructor, or friend of the arts you know all to well how dance can be used to instill confidence, give joy, and foster self expression. Help share that gift with others. A recital costume that was used once and then tucked into the back corner of your closet can do so more much good if given the chance.

Let your costumes dance again! More importantly though, let your costumes bring joy to others!  Follow the link for more on Traveling Tutus