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Veron Shen – Funky Dance Academy in Singapore

The Gambia Ballet Factory is excited and thrilled to have the ongoing support of Veron Shen of the Funky Dance Academy based in Singapore.

We have recently received 6 parcels od ballet shoes and costumes that Veron has collected for us through her work as a senior dance choreographer, teacher and motivator in the vibrant ballet, dance and performimg arts scene of Singapore.

Veron first began ballet lessons at the age of 4 and with the inspiration, training and mentoring of Ms Rosalind Ong actually began teaching other students at the tender age of 14.

Veron has completed her Grade 8 and Advanced 1 ballet exams under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, and completed her Gold Bar Jazz exams under the Australian Teachers of Dance syllabus.

She has attained her RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies, and is a affiliate Member of ATOD with which she is now fully qualified to send students in for exams. Her classes range from RAD Pre-Primary to Advance 1 for ballet, and ATOD Test1 to Gold bar for Jazz.

She teaches non-syllabus open classes as well. Veron is an active member of Dancesacpe which is a non-profit performing group based in the Chinatown Arts Belt of Singapore and is recognized and funded by the Singapore National Arts Council. Dancescape trainers and dancers are actively involved in the provision of dance education in local schools and also provide dance classes and schooling for the public at Rhythm ‘N’ Moves studio.

They develop dance training system to suit students of different levels and learning abilities and also design various dance programmes for schools with the objective of promoting performing arts to the mass and upholding principles and quality of dance education.

Veron is commited to dance and works to develop the artistic vision, engagement and commitment of every participant, from artistic director to choreographers, trainers, dancers, the stage production team and the audience.